The Site is located on the corner of London Circuit and Hobart Place, Canberra City, ACT. It is comprises
three blocks, occupied at the time of this investigation by three separate multi storey commercial
buildings used for a range of retail, commercial and office uses.
The surrounding area comprises the central Canberra which predominately includes commercial land
uses as well as other land uses permitted under the CZ1: Core Zoning.

Nearby land use includes a mix of commercial as shown in Figure 1. Land uses bordering the Site

  • East: London Circuit followed by open space car parking.
  • South: A landscaped area known as Hobart Place, followed by a range of commercial buildings
    (small businesses, retail, offices, restaurants and bars) followed by University Avenue. Lake
    Burley Griffin is located approximately 1km to the south of the site.
  • North: Hobart Place (road) followed by open space car parking then high density residential
    and commercial buildings.

DECC’s Scope of work included the demolition of a multi – storey building (9 stories) – conventionally reinforced concrete framed building, including a three storey Annex structure as well as, service disconnections and removal of hazmat Whilst working in a live business precinct (Canberra CBD).