The Tourle Street Bridge was the old bridge over the South Arm of the Hunter
River on Tourle Street (MR108) at Mayfield, Newcastle.

The Bridge consisted of seven steel through truss spans varying in length from
28 metres to 44 metres. The bridge incorporated a reinforced concrete deck 9
metres wide between kerbs. The spans were supported on caster rocker bearing
supports resting on reinforced concrete piers and pile caps which were founded
on benoto-piles.

Demolition of the Tourle Street Bridge including the complete demolition of the
super structure including benoto piles and timber falsework piles to a depth of
1 metre below the river bed level. Total length of bridge was circa 300 metres
and circa 800 tonne of steel. Works were carried out over an 8 month period
including the management of navigational guides in accordance with
Department of Maritime.