The Petrie Paper Mill was a paper processing and recycling plant owned and operated by Orora (formerly Amcor) located at 965 Gympie Road, Petrie. The site consisted of seven hectares of heavy industrial industrial  buildings, tanks, chimney stacks, processing plant all constructed in the 1950’s plus 30 hectares of waste waster treatment ponds as well as 28 hectares of on site registered landfills.

The scope of works consisted of the complete demolition of all site improvements to a depth of 1 metre, removal of all above ground hazmat (asbestos, SMF, PCB’s), site crushing of all concrete (50,000t) to 20/50 minus used for the construction of on site haul roads during the remediation works and remediation works.

The remediation works included the removal of below ground asbestos pipes, excavation and relocation of 150,000 cubic metres of processing  waste scattered/buried over 200 hectares into the on site licenced landfill and the expansion of the landfill to accept the relocated waste.