The Omnia Apartments development is located at 111 Darlinghurst Road, Potts Point in Sydney. The building was 18 storeys high with 3 basement levels and was constructed using reinforced concrete with a brick façade and glazing infill, concrete central lift core with north and south stairwells to full height of building . Works was carried out in a of high pedestrian and vehicle traffic area due largely to Kings Cross station located immediately below development site as well as an operating TAB on ground floor.

The demolition was carried out adopting the following strategy:

-The materials handling area was established on Victoria road elevation. The L1 internal concrete slab was demolished to allow the creation of an ingress/egress area for 10 wheelers to directly access the site in a forward direction in accordance with City of Sydney construction traffic requirements;

-An internal column was demolished once it was structurally supported in accordance with Structural Engineer design, to allow the exiting of 10 wheelers in a forward direction;

-The building was completely scaffolded (full encapsulation) with carpet and ply protection extending the full building perimeter at three levels (ie working floor + 2 levels below). The scaffold was supported off the B Class hoarding and/or off engineered steel needles (temporary works);

-A man materials hoist was installed accessing all floors for transportation of workers and materials;

-Acoustic curtains were placed on the north elevation to attenuate noise + noise and vibration loggers installed for the duration of the works (3 no. locations) in accordance with Noise and Vibration Plan;

-Temporary services were maintained on all levels to facilitate hazmat removal works and demolition;

-The hazmat was removed by a Class A licenced removalist with staged clearance certificates and continuous air monitoring;

-The lift core was converted into demolition chutes (2 no) for brick/concrete and C and D waste streams;

-The level one slab was utilised as a storage area and for the shifting of demolition debris into trucks;

In addition to the demolition, the scope of works included hazmat removal and steel bracing/propping + minor civil works in the basement level.