The Fieldsend and Metford remediation sites are located in the Lower Hunter Valley of New South Wales, located north of Sydney and formerly housed a quarry and brickworks factory. Approximately 50 hectares in size, the sites are subject to several mining leases held with the NSW Department of Trade and Investment (DTI). In order to relinquish the mining leases, the site must be remediated to an agreed criteria outlined in a Mine Closure Plan.

DECC’s scope of works can be divided into two separate portions:

-Fieldsend:  DECC was required to remediate the land surrounding an existing body of water which involved bulk earthworks and land forming to reshape it for future landscaping.

-Metford: The project included demolition of 3 hectares of factory ground slab and remediation of contaminated soils and rehabilitation of the landform.

The remediation included reject material, asbestos contaminated soils, hydrocarbons, unprocessed material, waste, screenings, and reclaimed material.