The Petrie Paper Mill was a paper processing and recycling plant owned and operated by Orora (formerly Amcor) located at 965 Gympie Road, Petrie. The site consisted of seven hectares of heavy industrial buildings, tanks, chimney stacks, and processing plant, all constructed in the 1950’s. Other notable activities conducted on site included thirty hectares of waste waster treatment ponds and twenty-eight hectares of on site registered landfills.

DECC was awarded the Cell 7 Construction in 2016. The cell was designed by SMEC to increase capacity of the Engineered Landfill Facility by upwards of 200,000m3.

Civil Scope

  • Site strip
  • Cut to fill
  • Subgrade preparation and replacement with clay
  • Excavation of cells that were overfilled by previous contractors
  • Excavation and backfill of drainage lines and anchor trenches

Lining Scope

  • Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL) placement
  • HDPE placement (1.5mm double textured)
  • Cushion geotextile placement
  • Leachate collection pipework
  • Leachate collection aggregate placement
  • Leachate sumps and risers
  • Separation geotextile placement
  • UV protection geotextile placement